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Dr. Núñez’s publications appear in a range of general, high-visibility, and specialized outlets in educational research, higher education, and science education. Broadly, these publications span three research areas: (1) social stratification and equity, (2) institutional diversity, and (3) inclusive organizational cultures.

------Selected Publications------


Social Stratification and Equity

Núñez, A.-M., & Sansone, V. (2016). Earning and learning: Exploring the meaning of work in the experiences of first-generation Latino college students. Review of Higher Education, 40(1), 91-116. 

Núñez, A.-M., & Gildersleeve, R. (2016). Sociocritical matters: Migrant students’ college access. Educational Policy, 30, 501-535. 

Núñez, A.-M., Rios Aguilar, C., Kanno, Y., & Flores, S. (2016). English Learners and their Transition to Postsecondary Education. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, 31, 41-90.

Núñez, A.-M. (2014). Employing multilevel intersectionality in educational research: Latino identities, contexts, and college access. Educational Researcher, 43(2), 85-92.

Núñez, A.-M., Hoover, R., Pickett, K., Stuart-Carruthers, C., & Vázquez, M. (2013). Latinos in Higher Education and Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Creating Conditions for Success. ASHE Higher Education Report, 39(1). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 


*Winner of 2016

International Latino

Book Award*

Institutional Diversity

García, G.A., Núñez, A.-M., & Sansone, V. (2019). Toward a multidimensional conceptual framework for understanding “servingness” in Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): A synthesis of the research. Review of Educational Research, 89(5).

Núñez, A.-M. (2017). Flipping the HSI Narrative: An HSI Positionality. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, 11(3), 276-295. 

Núñez, A.-M., Crisp, G., & Elizondo, D. (2016). Mapping Hispanic-Serving Institutions: A typology of institutional diversity. Journal of Higher Education, 87(1), 55-83.

Crisp, G., Carales, V., & Núñez, A.-M. (2016). Where is the research on community college students? Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 40(9), 767-778.

Núñez, A.-M., Hurtado, S., & Calderón Galdeano, E. (Eds.). (2015). Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Advancing Research and Transformative Practice. New York, NY: Routledge.


Inclusive Organizational Cultures

Núñez, A.-M., Rivera, J., & Hallmark, T. (2019). Applying an intersectionality lens to expand equity in geosciences. Journal of Geoscience Education.

Posselt, J., Chen, J., Dixon, G., Jackson, J., Kirsch, R., Núñez, A.-M., & Teppen, B. (2019). Research and Theory Advancing Inclusion in the Geosciences: An Overview of the NSF-GOLD Program. Journal of Geoscience Education.

Sansone, V., Núñez, A.-M., Haschenburger, J., Godet, A., Gray, W., Birnbaum, S., & Young, D. (2019). Developing work-based geosciences learning opportunities in a Hispanic-Serving Institution. New Directions for Student Services.

Núñez, A.-M., & Murakami, E. T. (2016). Beyond critical mass: Latina faculty advancing equity in a Hispanic-Serving Institution. In L. J. Santamaria, & A. P. Santamaria (Eds.), Culturally responsive leadership in higher education: Promoting access, equity, and improvement (pp. 136-149). New York, NY: Routledge.

Núñez, A.-M., & Murakami-Ramalho, E. (2012). The demographic dividend: Why the success of Latino faculty and students is critical. Academe, 98(1), 32-37. 

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